GreenSky Development Group focuses on evaluating and developing solar opportunities for landholders in PJM and other prime U.S. markets.

Our flexible, transparent and experienced approach to turnkey solutions maximizes the value of projects to key stakeholders and offtakers.

The solar market can be confusing, GreenSky DG’s development process is a partnership – not a black box. 

Why Solar?

If you have 20+ acres and are interested in solar, GreenSky has the experience to deliver a solar project that secures, revitalizes and maintains the land while providing a long-term income stream.

From simple land leases to equity participation and ultimate ownership, GreenSky works with financing, construction and maintenance partners to structure projects that meet your interests and risk/return profile.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Generate Electricity during peak price hours when the grid struggles to meet demand
  • Low install and maintenance costs reduce project risk
  • Solar offsets fossil fuel generation and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • PPA rates provide savings to offtakers and achieves sustainability goals


Contact GreenSky Development Group

Elaine Wilks – 703-268-3151